Planning and Development

H-Directplus remains resolutely international in outlook,
observes domestic and international market moves and conducts in-depth analysis
of brand circulation so as to offer our customers quality products and services
that enhance the beauty and health in life. With this goal ahead of us,
we are committed to develop our branding capacity,
including brand planning and product development.

Distribution Business

H-Directplus intends to offer quality products that “touch your heart”,
“Cheer you up” and “fulfill your needs”. For years,
H-Directplus has been introducing quality beauty and health products from Europe,
the US and Japan to our customers, the product categories include Japanese trendy cosmetic
and beauty products, the most talked about sexy product that was introduced in the drama
“Sex and the city”; IWC champion white wine that is produced by a celebrated European vineyard.


As we value every encounter with our customers, we are enthusiastic about organizing
communication and management with our channels to pave the way to reach our customers
through marketing activities and business operation.
The domestic channels include cosmeceutical stores, well-known Japanese
supermarkets and on-line stores. In addition, as the leader of the global trend,
H-Directplus has been participating in International Cosmetics Exhibitions,
from which we are able deliver firsthand information to you and introduce the newest concept to the world.

After sales services

H-Directplus values our customers’ opinions and assures our quality,
our customer hotline is committed to ensure that customers’ queries
and problems are solved regardless before or after the products are purchased.


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